Episode 30 | Healing by Prayer | Samantha Sweetwater

In Episode 30 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Creator of Soulucent, Coach and Author, Samantha Sweetwater. We discuss plant medicine, prayer and how we can embody healing through these two frameworks. 


*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

2.05 - Samantha shares her work with us. 

3.00 - Plant medicine and our personal beliefs on their power.  

5.20 - Samantha’s definition of healing as a process.

6.20 - Healing is a gradual and continued increase in wholeness and, the wholeness hypothesis. 

8.20 – Decompression is only possible in healing. 

12.40 - The connection between wholeness and contentment.

13.20 - Samantha shares the beginning of her healing journey at age 13. 

14.38 - How Samantha used dance as a healthy addiction. 

16.450 – Psychological integration and combatting trauma with plant nature immersion.

18.10 - The second stage of Samantha’s healing journey at age 30. 

19.40 - Traditional psychology in contrast, or harmony with, inner work. 

25.50 - Native American Spirituality and how it changed Samantha’s perspective. 

27.50 - The power of community, prayer and sacrament.

29.00 - Taking down the default mode network and the rigidified protection strategy. 

29.45 - Psychedelics and how they enable us to sit in a different seat and break-down barriers

31.30 - Community based prayer work in hand with Psychedelics.

32.30 - Seeing life as an oracle and using prayer as a feedback loop.

35.00 - What prayer looks like for Samantha and her process of prayer. 

37.40 – Close.



Samantha Sweetwater 


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