Episode 3: The Wood Element Can Really Help Us Grow & Expand Our Business

Episode # 3 focuses on the Wood Element and how that relates to a business plan. It explains how the wood element can really help us to grow and expand our business.

Review of all the elements:

1:00 Water is our soul purpose and how our business idea really connects in with our true passion & our spirit. This source offers potency for a strong business model.

1:30 Wood element can assist you in creating a business plan. Key benefits are that it can help you learn how to use your setbacks and challenges to actually propel your business further.

1:50 Fire is the action of service. All the parts of business that involve things like production, sales, and delivery.

2:00 Earth is connected to the relationships within business. This applies to all aspects which can include marketing, networking and especially the employees you need to operate. This element can help with relationships so you can focus on growth and outreach.

2:20 Metal involves all things you are accountable for. From profit and loss to legal accounting. This element can help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

2:50 Wood element business model to help ease the challenge of conventional business plan
anxiety.The need to explore options in true costs of production and the concept of business loans.

3:50 Basic energy explanation of wood element. Symbolic of spring and represented by the color green, this element has a strong emphasis on new growth. As seeds germinate and need water so does your business plan. New growth requires lots of energy and creative focus. If you can stay focused on your desires it can help you work through fear based issues. Water is a more dreamy state where all seems good but then Wood is when things are really happening! It can be hard because it involves details and cracking down on what works and what doesn’t.

5:10 Psycho-emotional business plan if you desire a more circular form than being in a box.

5:30 Business Plan Development

  • Start to think about what is our service or product actually going to take form?
  • How much is it gonna cost to produce?
  • Figure out business plan for exactly what we need to do to be profitable without losing creative spark.

Rules of the liver (Planner) & the gallbladder bladder ( flexibility /able to change or learn). Wood element involves the liver if you want to succeed with a good plan and an influx of cash. This will help you research and plan how to make money when you can but also when to float when you need to. Explains how to be prepared and stay confident. Example of starting up business with $500.

The gallbladder has a different influence on business models. It's wisdom is how to be flexible in case your business plan changes as they probably will with experience and time.

10:20 Wood element can be described like a tree. Where does the tree consolidate effort so it can provide water to the growing branches. This method can help you stay focused on what is working so you are consistently bringing in income. These powerful tools can help you expedite your dreams by having a well nurtured business plan.

15:15 The importance of embracing big dreams but taking in chucks you can manage. Creating a 5 year goal starts with big visions. Be realistic in that you will need to be flexible and open to feedback. Also come to realize so much of this is timing. You don’t have to have everything figured out to start off. Trust the process.

22:00 Author's business example of creating Devi Mukta through vision and staying true to one’s passion. How to use setbacks to grow, detect dysfunction, release stuck energy so you can expand forward. What makes you want to push boundaries?

Conventional Plan vs. Psychological Spiritual Business Plan

Conventional plans bring up fear or anxiety you can choose to apply a psychological spiritual business plan to keep yourself true to your passion and visions. This involves a much more grounded connection to the Soul & mind. If you create this kind of model you will feel more grounded so the business doesn’t overwhelm or consume you. The strength in this model is to feel emotionally prepared for leadership roles of one’s business.

25:45 Getting in touch with boundaries, especially when working together.
What do you want?

How to express with guided leadership.

Claiming your right to claim what you desire/co-creative energy. Trust your business is guided by higher power. Wood based energy can help you grow. Step into an alignment with yourself and your business. Then you can trust your gut. Be clear about expectations.

27:45 Use your frustrations to create and expand your business.

24:30 Devi Mukta : www.devimukta.com

28:00 Business Life: www.insights.com

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