Episode 29 | Money Mindset | Dr Deborah Fryer

In Episode 29 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Mindset Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs, Dr Deborah Fryer. We discuss abundance and the role forgiveness plays in our relationship with money.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.45 – Dr Deborah Fryer shares with us her work and background.
4.45 – How Deborah’s relationship with her father impacted her perspective of abundance.
5.55 - The correlation between the heart, money and forgiveness.
6.50 - Deborah’s moment of awakening while connected with nature.
8.10 - The analogy of the Aspen Tree and the change within ourselves.
11.20 - How forgiveness has changed Deborah’s life.
14.30 - Compassion, right and wrong and their role in forgiveness.
15.50 - In letting go there is beauty and inner strength.
18.30 - The story of the Golden Buddha
20.00 - The experience of transformation is nourishment.
21.00 - The relationship between forgiveness and abundance.
22.30 -Deborah’s personal relationship with money and the power it had over her.
23.40 - Money is the result of creativity and flow.
26.15 -Resentment towards money can become a block for creativity.
30.29 - The connection between authority, forgiveness and abundance.
34.00- Transgression or exactly what you needed to go through to grow.
38.20 - We bury that which we value.
39.20 - Deborah shares a forgiveness practice.
41.05 - From a place of unity leads to connectedness.
42.30- Close.

Deborah Fryer


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