Episode 28 | Transformative Breathwork | Tanya Saunders

In Episode 28 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Founder of The Moon Collective, Tanya Saunders. She is a pause breathwork facilitator and an embodiment coach and will share with us how we can find alignment by using breathwork.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.15 - Tanya shares a little bit about her work as a pause breathwork facilitator and an embodiment coach.
4.00- Breathwork allows emotions to flow and unblock us and enable us to connect with who we are.
4.30 – Activating your purpose, passion and alignment so action can be taken.
5.50 - Breathwork allows you to allow you to connect with yourself.
7.00 - The totality of breathwork and finding a soulmate within ourselves.
9.15 - Pay attention to how you feel in body you will be able to hear the yes or no.
10.20 - The definition of soulful purpose for Tanya and her journey that led her to where she is today.
12.35 - The positive psychology model and flipping your thoughts and Tanya’s thoughts on this concept.
15.15 - Receiving messages from source.
17.45 -The connection between women, their cycles and the structure to understanding our totality.
18.45 - The Moon Cycle, water and connecting to mother earth.
20.50 - The correlation between equine therapy and control
23.30 - ‘I had to have this, to be this to feel this’ concept.
25.30 – Self-care practices and rituals as we waking up in a fight or flight mode and the advantages of breathwork to control this.
27.40 - Everyone wants to be happy but you cannot be until you are living in alignment with your soul.
28.20- Tanya’s advice to those who are disconnected from their soul’s purpose.
30.15 - The disconnect of frequency between mind and soul.
31.30 - High and low frequency of being.
33.00- Learning, listening and practice until we’re in alignment.
35.15 - The rituals and practices of innovative breathwork to find peace and calm.
36.40 - Breath is always with us and how it can heal us.
37.40 – Close.

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