Episode 27 | Embodying Rage | Ilan Stephani

ilan stephani podcast rage Jun 15, 2021

In Episode 27 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Somatic Teacher, Ilan Stephani. Ilan leads us in a discussion of rage and the intergenerational attitudes towards anger in our society, and how we should be releasing our inner-tigress and embody rage.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.20 - Ilan shares with us her work as a Somatic Teacher.
3.14 - We long for our essence and our truth.
6.05 - Awakening our connection to sensation.
7.22 - The danger of not tuning into our sensations.
8.00 - Human development and the impact of sensory neurons.
10.45 - Cultural trauma, maturity, expectations and the impact of gentle touch as a child.
12.25 - Re-integrating emotions and sensation.
15.50 - Claiming our full emotional capacity is necessary to complete empowerment.
17.00 - The power of rage and its importance for us to be able to experience calm.
20.30 - The story of women and reclaiming our inner tigress.
21.44 - Maggie shares a personal story of primal screaming.
26.00 - Anger vs the lack of anger and how anger can be power.
27.15 - Suppressing your anger suppresses your boundaries.
30.15 - The releasing of anger and embodying humanity.
31.22 - Rage provides the power of peace and suppression from capitalism.
33.00 - Anger is not a choice and suppression of rage leads to self-hatred.
34.10 - The fine line between anger and abuse.
36.50 - Embodying rage is our only option to reach our full potential.
37.40 - Context and its relevance to anger.
38.50 - Surrendering into ourselves to tap into our spiritual essence.
40.15 -Transgenerational trauma, the somatic shutdown, and a belief that we are ‘bad’.
41.30 - Anger is a gift as it brings courage and peace.
44.00 - Claiming our spiritual journey and the warrior and tigress which leads to success.
45.03 - Ilan leads us in a liver and gallbladder release.
49.00 - Close.

Ilan Stephani



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