Episode 26 | Conscious Parenting | Tamara Iglesias

In Episode 26 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Tamara Iglesias. She is a Conscious Parenting Coach and Founder of Wellynest. She will share with us techniques on how to heal ourselves, so we can become conscious as we raise our children.


*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

1.55 - Tamara shares with us her work as a Conscious Parenting Coach and Founder of Wellynest.

3.15 - Most of us were not raised in a conscious home and the benefits of conscious parenting. 

4.35 - The life skills we learn in contrast with emotional intelligence.

6.00 - Age-appropriate healing, teaching, boundaries and responses.

7.55 - Most people have a discomfort when others fall apart, this also applies when parenting children.

9.35 - The danger of the phrase, ‘Go to your room and come back when you are happy’

10.35 - The shift Tamara has seen in fathers and the connection to their own emotions.

12.00 - Tamara shares her personal experience of personal healing from the abuse of her past.

16.55 - The shift from victim to empowered.

19.30 - The techniques we can use to heal ourselves so we can be more present for our children.

21.10 - We are our children, and learning to treating them how we would have wanted to be treated as a child.

22.44  - Any lack that you experienced in your own childhood will be triggered as our children grow.

23.30 - The experiences our children have now, will become their future mantra.

24.45 - In an effort to not pass down fears down to our children, we need to work on our own healing journey.

26.55 - Step one: Re-parent ourselves so we can come into awareness of triggers.

29.35 - Step two: Honour each-others boundaries and take the steps to fit our own mask first, so we can meet the needs of our children.

31.25 - Step three: Tamara’s tips for parenting in the moment.

33.35 - Modelling a desired behaviour to a child so it becomes second nature to them.

34.45 - Independent play, human connection and sitting in discomfort with other children.

35.30 - When we don’t put ourselves first, we become disconnected from the world.

35.50 - Tamara shares how her healing journey has impact her life and the relationship with her own child.

41.00 - Tamara leads us in a grounding practice.

43.11 - Close.





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