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anita sanchez gifts podcast Jun 01, 2021

In Episode 25 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast, Maggie interviews Dr Anita Sanchez, Trainer, Coach and best-selling author of ‘The Four Sacred Gifts’. Anita openly shares her struggles with forgiveness from her past, how she reached a place of forgiveness and gives us tips so we can do the same.


*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

1.60 - Anita shares with us her work as she helps others discover, and trust, their gifts.

3.10 - The unhealed parts of ourselves end up sabotaging us as the fear kicks in.

3.55 - Lack of forgiveness takes away our power, across the board.

4.45 - Anita openly shares her past involving abuse, murder and racism at an early age.

5.40 - Diversity inclusion and how racism impacted Anita’s life and her perspective of others.

7.15 - Anita has used her personal experience to then train corporations how to love each other.

8.30 - The re-occurring dream which showed Anita there was hope for our generation to end racism.

9.55 - The leaking of doubt that came into Anita’s life and how forgiveness allowed her to change her beliefs.

10.40 - Forgiveness allows another person to change.

11.35 - Anita’s definition of forgiveness and the spiritual aspect of it.

13.10 - Forgiveness allows us to put energy into changing the systems and structures that allow for the continued hurt and mis-treatments.

15.00 - Life is more like a death because we become material and then spirit re-joins life.

16.00 - Separation and wall protection results in a cut off from your own divinity. 

18.30 - Taking down the walls and replacing it with a fence.

20.00 - Everything in the world is sacred, but not everything acts in a sacred way.

21.25 - Rather than ignoring our feelings Anita encourages us to put them out, and then name them, so we can grow and evolve.

22.00 - Neuropsychology and building the physical muscle of forgiveness.

24.45 - Leaders have the power and influence and to protect and, being conscious enough to forgive the past.

26.15 - Anita shares some techniques on how to forgive.

29.40 - The power of conflict resolution.

32.14 - How forgiveness is a path to becoming whole, your freedom, self-love and divinity.

34.35 - Close.



Anita Sanchez




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