Episode 24 | Soulful Purpose | Corin Hinderegger

In Episode 24 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Corin Hinderegger, Transformative Coach and Medical Intuitive. Today, Corin will bring awareness to how important embodiment is to soulful purpose so we can transform our lives. 


*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

2.20 - Corin’s work and how to step into your soulful purpose. 

3.15- She defines embodying your Soulful Purpose, which is different for each person. 

4.50 - Regardless of your spiritual affiliation, we all know we are here for a reason. 

6.20- Not everything is going to be perfect and, dialling back to your purpose and intention.

7.40 - Corin’s journey to connecting to her own soulful purpose.

9.00 - Family constellation work and the ancestral patterns we carry.

10.00 - Naturopathy, burnout, living your truth and Corin’s path to heath and wealth.

11.45- The more we decondition ourselves the better our bodies feel. 

12.40 - Corin has a strong to connection to her horse and how they teach embodiment and inner-power. 

15.35 - The distinction between looking good and the internal feeling. 

17.30 - Once we let go of ego, we open ourselves to soulful acknowledgement. 

18.24- Too many people live someone else’s dream but what is it that you want?

19.00- When the flow and softness drops in, the universe delivers what we need. 

20.50 - Looking externally for validation of who we are and our purpose. 

21.39- Embodying purpose allows us to live in abundance. 

23.00- The richness of non-monetary items and fulfillment of our true desires. 

24.55- Claiming our uniqueness and stepping into your power. 

26.00- Corin’s greatest challenge in stepping into her own intuitive capabilities. 

27.45- The fear of standing out and camouflaging our souls. 

29.00 -Corin’s journey from Austria to New Zealand and stepping into your soul’s calling. 

31.50- Gaining yourself the space to be yourself and trusting your choices.

32.40- How the body can activate our soul’s purpose when we listen. 

35.20-The hinderance of not listening to our soul and carrying conditioning within our bodies. 

37.00e- Breathwork and the insight our breathing can give.

38.15- Staying in awareness vs taking action, as nothing changes if we do not take action. 

39.15– Close.



Corin Hinderegger



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