Episode 23 | Spiritual Journey | Caitlyn Cook

In Episode 23 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast, Maggie interviews Embodied Spiritual Practitioner, Caitlyn Cook. Caitlyn is a mindful sexuality and embodied spiritual healing practitioner and facilitator to release whatever is being held in the body. 


*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

2.00 - Caitlyn shares her work and her approach.

3.00- ‘Feeling’ to heal, rather than ‘talking’ to heal. 

4.45  - ‘Spiritual Journey’ is a tornado for Caitlyn as they eat you up and spit you out. 

5.20 - Where Caitlyn’s spiritual journey began 

6.15 -You have to be brave to meet your spiritual monsters and meeting both the light and the dark. 

7.20 - Spiritual journey is the connection to wholeness and unpacking the numbness. 

9.25 - The veils and masks that we experience which blind us from presence.

10.20- ‘Spirituality is simply a process of remembering who you are’ and who we aren’t. 

12.35 - Validation and acceptance of our parents and how this can transform into how we perceive the world.

13.15- The start of Caitlyn’s spiritual journey and what brought her to a mindfulness journey. 

15.10- Feeling her body needed to participate in the healing, she embarked to find herself.

16.30 - Tanura and sacred sexual healing.  

18.45- Allowing the spiritual path to include all parts of you as divine. 

20.10- Contracting within ourselves and, in contract, allowing ourselves to expand. 

21.15 - Consciously digesting emotions and Caitlyn’s analogy of a hose pipe. 

22.55 - Pain is not our enemy – it is just the resistance. 

24.45 - The societal resistance resulting in stifling our emotions. 

27.35 - Vulnerability is a light and a gift to others to see our true selves. 

30.15 - Intimacy - ‘Into me you see’ and becoming your own first lover. 

31.45 - Caitlyn shares how she did not love herself and how she has become her own best friend. 

32.20 - Turning our senses inward rather than outwards. 

34.00 - Orgasm’s can open the portal to ourselves. 

36.05 - How Caitlyn uses sensual erotic meditation and, how the pleasure mixes with pain. 

38.55 - Sex is a doorway to remembering who you are – and bringing consciousness to our own touch.

40.20 - Creating safety within ourselves and welcoming acceptance. 

42.25 - Loving yourself will mean you always feel loved.

43.50– Close.



Caitlyn Cook


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