Episode 22 | Embrace Healing | Peggy Markel

In Episode 22 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews the Founder of Peggy Markel Culinary Adventure. Peggy has been taking people into nurturing cultures to learn about food for 30 years.

*Episode introduction and a brief moment of breathwork

2.10 - Peggy, through her programs, brings people to the ‘beauty path’ as she shares with them the culture and food of other countries.
5.22 - Healing is being willing to acknowledge your feelings within a context of compassion for yourself.
6.00 - How travel plays into a healing journey.
6.50 - When you go to other cultures, we realise they experience the same feelings
7.25 - Travel gives us the power to connect with our common human experience.
10.20 - The different value systems other cultures embrace and the contrast between the US and other countries.
12.25 - The role food plays in a family and how it can bring us together.
14.20 - Nourishing our bodies with our family makes us feel whole and the healing.
15.00 - When the ups and downs happen - see it as an adventure, and, have a sense of humour about it.
17.00 - Peggy shares the shock death of her mother and the impact she had on Peggy.
21.20- Following the passing of her Mother Peggy made the choice to stay close to her feelings and found healing in nature.
22.50 - Broken hearts break you open.
23.15- The tenderness and awe that can be found in the unity of creation.
26.33 - Travelling in itself, forces us to increase our awareness and notice things we don’t usually notice.
27.15 - A foreign country causes us to become seekers and, as a result, brings healing.
27.30 - To be in an enlivened state of mind is to be in a state of healing.
28.25 – Sharing conversation over food has the power to re-connect and re-charge.
29.00 - The pattern interrupt and how getting out of your normal routine helps you find who you are.
30.50 - Adventure can be found all around us, even in our backyard.
32.30 - What you’re seeking is also seeking you.
33.05 - Home is wherever you are – wherever your heart is.

33.40 - Close.

Peggy Markel Culinary Adventure


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