Episode 20 | Stepping Into Your Soulful Purpose | Dennis Wakabayashi

In Episode 20 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Dennis Wakabayashi, VP of Customer Experience Delivery, RR Donnelley. With his vast experience, Dennis shares with us his advice for living a life of soulful purpose.

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
1.25 - Setting our own intentions
2.19 - Dennis shares his work as an entrepreneur
3.00 - Selling from the Why
3.45 - Knowing your purpose in business is essential to the experience
4.20 - Selling is all about service, empathy and collaboration are essential to growth
5.37 - Service is essential to the benefit of all.
6.20 - The shift to growth through nurturing and propagation.
7.25 - Customer experience cultivates leadership and customer lifetime value.
8.35 - Purpose need to be integral to your business and growth plans
9.10 - Transparency with clients and policies driven by client needs.
10.45 - Progress is failure we learn from.
11.30 - Soulful purpose and Dennis' definition of this.
12.20 - Empathy for co-workers is essential for teamwork
13.40 - Dennis’ journey to a soulful purpose.
16.20 - Authenticity, humility and acceptance of your journey are all essential for stepping into our flow.
17.30 - Failure is a gift we should embrace
18.30 - Seeing failure as a visitor, not permanent resident.
19.20 - You don't always need to know your final destination.
21.20 - Collaborating with the universe.
22.20 - Tools for cultivating a purposeful life.
22.45 - How Dennis came to find his soulful purpose.
23.15 - The role our parents/upbringing play in our purpose.
25.20 - Gratitude and its role in our life and business.
29.00 - Giving power to the illusion of control and the magic sandwich concept.
31.50 - Stay true to the course which brings you joy.
33.50 - Dennis encourages us to fail forward fast.
35.00 - When faced with adversity we have a choice to you react or respond.
37.00 – Close.

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