Episode 2: Water Is The Soulful Purpose That Inspires Your Business

podcast Dec 21, 2020

This Episode #2 is dedicated to the Water Element and how it relates to your business model. Water is the soulful purpose that inspires your business. Wood element is more of planning and preparing for setbacks. Fire is the action of production and possible failure. Earth element involves all the relationships within the business. Metal addresses business structures including generosity and giving back. Water is the juice of the business and supports us in getting clear on why we feel this is our soul purpose.

2:02 Water is your soulful purpose. One needs strong water to keep going. Water can bring inspiration when we need motivation.

Water element involves perseverance and stamina for motivation to keep moving forward when it feels like we aren’t getting traction or like things aren’t really going our way. Water is also our source of creativity.

What makes you get up in the morning?
What is it that lights you up?
What makes you want to share your message, product and/or service with the world?

2:30 These elements each relate to a different season. The water element is Winter and is represented by sound and the color blue.

- roots of our business
- strength of purpose
- reserve of energy for unexpected setbacks

Find a business that fuels your passion. If you can think about business as more of exercise, what pulls from your passion? Author’s experience involved her love of plants and trees. Then the passion for this love was channeled into helping others access their potent medicine.

5:20 How to create your business by tapping into your passion and your soulful purpose. Example of the author's business, Devi Mutka, and how it fueled her passion making it easy to want to share something she so deeply feels connected to.

5:40 Discusses how our parents interests can be a clue and that our interests can be different from our parent's and that is ok. Allowing you to pass through the fear or the pressure of pleasing others.

7:00 Subconscious projection of gender neutral qualities is discussed.

8:00 When you know you have an innate gift and want to bring it into the world.

8:40 DNA from our parents is different than subconscious projection so be open to these innate traits if they serve you.

9:40 How parents' roles can play into your passion.

10:10 Water element involves shifting form.

10:30 Tap into why you want to do what you do? Cultivate your raw passion to help guide you to your inspiration. The results of how purpose and passion can fuel your business.

12:00 Author’s example of flower essence being not only a passion but also inspired by purpose to share and educate others.
Example: Author’s Flower essence (use sun rays to infuse ingredients) was a passionate experience for her.
Be aware of both the emotional & energetic field of your purpose.

12:45 Examples of testing out business using 5 elements.

13:30 Questioning visions of current business.

15:20 Purpose in business driven by passion defined and then linked directly into business.

17:10 Stay connected to business vision.

20:00 Life happens and you have to make unexpected changes.

22:00 Sometimes you need to let go and allow your business to hibernate so you can re-evaluate everything.

24:00 Allowing yourself to continue to learn through the process. Life changes, which are essential to business well-being, are often unexpected.

25:10 Rebranding and relaunching business after hibernation can save your business.

26:00 Realizing your business gives you life force.

27:00 How to come out of hibernation. When life's major setbacks happen you can be prepared to survive.

27:00 The biggest influence of Water Element in your business is to be living your soul's purpose.

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