Episode 19 | Reclaiming Your Spiritual Connection | Liz Koch

darieth chisolm

In Episode 19 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Liz Koch, founder of Core Awareness an educational website dedicated to understanding the Psoas through enhanced somatic awareness. 

*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork

1:30 – Introduction and we have the change to hear about Liz Koch’s work.

3.00 - Connecting to ourselves through creativity and becoming connected through out sensory system. 

3.15- Locating and sensing ourselves through constructive rest and our nervous system.

5.40- Liz explains the Psoas muscle and how it is the messenger of the soul. 

8.45 - How the Psoas muscle relates to how we show up in the world. 

11.15 – Our potential fragmented journey and sense of being. 

12.20 - Safety is not nessecerily outside of ourselves when we are coherent.

13.20 - Biomorphic intelligence – all life is shaped by our field of axis 

14.25 -The messages we can receive from our Psoas Muscle

15.30 -Creativity is a part of being nourished. 

17.00 - Dryness and the many levels it come in and how oils can nourish our bodies. 

19.50 -Bypassing our instincts to become core-textual

21.20 - Recapitulation and the advantage of constitutional work.

22.00 - Curiosity and the fight and flight response.

22.40 - Liz’s perception of life and how we can bring consciousness to ourselves. 

24.30 - The gut flourishes when we treat it as its own ecosystem. 

26.20 - The level of chaos we need to learn to dance with and how our heart plays its part 

29.50 -The mind as an organiser and the nourishment that can be found in the biomorphic field.

33.00 – Pleasure, Bio intelligence and the rhythms found in nature and its restorative life.

34.15 - The heart is the centre of coherency.

37.00 - Liz explains her work in Core Awareness and turning your consciousness. 

38.20 - We are fluid organisms and how we can use movement to re-connect and show up for the day. 

41.15 - Liz is the Author of ‘Core Awareness’ and shares her work. 

45.00 – Close.



Core Awareness 



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