Episode 11: Aligning with Your Soul Purpose

darieth chisolm

Maggie interviews Pam Perry, Award Winning Communications Professional. She explains the path that led to her success and the tools she put in place that allowed her to step into her true purpose.

0:30 Intro: Pam Perry is an award-winning communications professional. She teaches and mentors authors, speakers and entrepreneurs on how to build platforms and attract major media and publishing contracts. She is also the Publisher of Speaker Magazine and Co-Founder of Digital Business Acceleration.

1:30 Set intention for taking this time to connecting with soulful purpose.

2:00 Ministry Marketing Solutions came from passion and applying skills.

2:45 Finding joy and keeping it.

3:45 Use educational skills and career skills to do something meaningful.

4:30 Transitioning from corporate life to public relations due to seeking purpose.

6:45 Deciding to work from home with no clients but strong ideas.

8:20 Coming into alignment with your soul purpose.

10:00 Finding a good fit for yourself.

12:15 Creating balance with career and home life.

14:00 Guidance to true passion is heart centered and service based.

17:45 Changing from a grind career to work you love will uplift your energy.

22:30 Satisfaction in working for your soul purpose.

26:00 Do what you love and the money will come.

28:00 Finding tools for supporting your energy with clarity.

31:00 Don't be afraid, get out there!

32:00 Call your dreams and find your mentors.

33:15 Claim your purpose.

34:00 Clarity will provide manifestation.




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