Episode 10: Oneness: Capacity To Heal

darieth chisolm

In an interview with International Reiki Master, Pamela Miles, Maggie and her guest discuss the topic of healing. Pamela explores pathways to healing including the importance of lifestyle, creating sacred space in our lives, balance and oneness and it's capacity to heal. 

0:30 Intro: Pamela Miles is an International Reiki Master. She has been practicing since 1986, the foremost Medical Reiki expert, and author of award-winning book Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide. Pamela has pioneered Reiki practice at academic medical centers including Harvard, Yale, the NIH, and NY Presbyterian/Columbia.

0:50 Breathwork

1:30 Lifestyle, lifestyle!


2:30 Healing could happen on every level if healing was available to us.

3:20 Give attention everyday to your spiritual practices.

3:45 Once you bring yourself home, the healing begins.

4:35 Cleanse any residue or negative energy.

4:50 Create sacred space for yourself everyday.

6:00 Meditation as spiritual practice vs stress reduction technique.

7:00 We are not our emotions but we feel them.

7:10 We are not our thoughts but need to recognize them.

8:00 Neuroscience theory on healing.

12:00 Stay present in the process.

12:30 We are all ONE.

13:10 Effortless Oneness and it's capacity to heal.

17:00 It is possible to heal if your willing to give up the combat of being right.

18:00 Willingness to express empathy.

20:00 Lymphatic system and its role in our well-being as a brain detox-er.

21:30 Difference between healing and actual cure (expanded).

22:00 Cure is disease specific.

23:00 Creating the first Reiki program in hospitals in the 1990's.

23:10 Healing is always possible whether a cure is available or not.

25:10 Holistic and Spiritual are synonyms of each other.

26:00 Healing is moving into the experience of balance.

27:30 The life changing idea of staying in balance and creative.

28:30 Unconditional love exist in all of us, commit to daily practice.

30:00 Put yourself back in control of your life.

32:00 Reiki healing session

33:00 Free Reiki online






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