Episode 1: Create an Abundant Life By Adopting Nature's Wisdom

podcast Dec 16, 2020


In this podcast Maggie O'Dea introduces you to creating an abundant life by adopting nature's wisdom. She shares her story of how she came up with the idea to work with abundance in its natural rhythm. She found a profound alignment in business with the Chinese Philosophy of the 5 elements.

These five elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Maggie discusses in depth how the theory and philosophy of these healing Elements are a cross culture phenomena.

She explains that if you base your business model on the elements you are likely to prosper with ease.

16:30 Water is your soulful purpose. One needs strong water to keep going. Water can bring inspiration when we need motivation.

17:22 Wood element involves movement or germination of ideas. Having a plan and using project planning is the key to staying grounded in your business so you can make it a reality. Also using business psychology to prepare for obstacles is a helpful tool to create support so you can actually manifest your projects.

18:55 Fire element involves actual energy to produce your product. This assists you in putting your service out in the world.

19:18 Earth element is responsible for Marketing & Networking.

20:00 Metal element supports accounting and your business system strategies.

The clear intention of this Podcast is to empower creative entrepreneurs to set goals and have a strategic business plan. Maggie really hopes to Inspire people to start a business using this 5 Element theory of business planning.

Inspired Life Project - A Podcast for Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Maggie O'Dea Natural health expert and long-time entrepreneur. The Inspired Life Project Podcast is about creating an abundant and prosperous life by adopting nature's wisdom. From business to health and wellness we will be exploring the mundane and the miraculous. It's a deep dive into relevant topics for the modern mystic and creative entrepreneurs alike!


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