Episode 14 | Healing to Wholeness

darieth chisolm

In Episode 14 Maggie interviews Andréa Michel, Intuitive Transformational Coach, Spiritual Leader and CEO of Andréa Michel Consulting. She shares the tools that can take you from healing to wholeness.

0:45 Breathwork

2:00 Andréa Michelle retired as a Corporate Accountant to become an Intuitive Transformational Coach and Spiritual Leader.

2:30 Change came as PURPOSE to help women rise.

3:45 Women are powerful beings!

6:00 Healing is a state of being content.

7:00 Four Bodies:

Spiritual Mental Emotional Physical

8:15 Most surprising aspect of being an entrepreneur.

9:00 Healing to Wholeness,

10:00 Acknowledge anxiety and listen to it to let it go.

13:00 Go within the shadow to understand need for self care.

16:00 You deserve time to heal yourself everyday. 

18:00 You can't give what you don't have. 

19:00 Manifest awareness to through meditation and movement.

23:00 Affirm yourself as a daily ritual.

25:00 Inner child love maintenance.

28:00 Profound gift created from healing journey.

28:30 Healed people heal people.


30:00 Be ONE with all.


35:00 Life PURPOSE is created from ones healing journey.


36:00 Authentic empowerment,







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