Episode 15 | Ramon Ray Deliriously Happy Everyday!

darieth chisolm

In Episode 15 Ramon Ray, founder of Smart Hustle Media, shares with Maggie his approach to getting up everyday, finding intention and purpose, and creating an inspired life!

1:00 Breathwork

1:30 Set Intentions

2:20 Ramon Ray is the founder of Smart Hustle Media, a keynote speaker and a global entrepreneur.

4:00 Ramon's links and social media - see links section of show notes*

5:00 Building your journey.

5:50 Just do it!!!

8:20 Soulful purpose is an experience of being excited to wake up everyday!

15:00 Options when faced with fear.

16:30 Assess your situation.

17:00 It is ok to be afraid.

17:10 You have to get up, pull yourself together and move forward.

19:20 Turn the heat up and scale it.

19:40 Ground Zero

20:00 Align yourself and ask for help. Call Ramon! (917) 685-3920

20:30 Research resources, if you give effort you can find solutions.

21:00 MIND is the biggest impediment.

23:00 Soulful purpose combined with intention created smart hustle.

23:30 Purpose is to inspire and educate small business owners to start and grow successful businesses.

24:00 Inspiration spark!

24:30 Email newsletter Thursday at 2 pm free of cost simply to inspire.

25:00 Difference in between lifestyles.

26:00 Unhappy with a job.

26:30 Wake up deliriously happy everyday!

28:00 Inspired action will bring an ultimate level of fulfilment.

30:00 Re-evaluation of how we do life, go deeper!

31:00 Living a good life.

32:00 Inspired action will bring an ultimate level of fulfilment.

33:00 Business success requires a focused mindset.

33:30 Inspiration and quite a bit of soulful purpose will guide smart business.




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