Episode 61 | Connecting with Heart Centre | Nathalie Kelly

nathalie kelly podcast Oct 12, 2022

In Episode 61 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Brain Recovery Coach, Nathalie Kelly. Over 10 years ago Nathalie experienced a serious brain injury which changed the trajectory of her life. In this episode we discuss heart-mind alignment and how we can learn to connect with heart.
*Episode intro and a brief moment of breathwork
2.30 - Nathalie shares with us her story and her work.
4.00 - Experiencing a serious brain injury over 10 years ago and how this led her to researching how the mind heals the body.
6.15 - The inconvenience and fear of losing brain function and how Nathalie used this experience to pioneer a new way of thinking.
8.00 - The challenges she experienced during this time and figuring out a new way to manifest.
10.50 - Accessing the intelligence of your heart.
13.05 - Examples of how Nathalie’s life became more magical the more she listened to her intuition.
15.00 - Our brain is a quicker frequency, whereas our heart is slower and the natural tendencies of our mind.
17.00 - Tuning into the heart is only possible when we slow down and give ourselves the space to listen.
17.48 - Healing the soul from the top down.
20.05 - Nathalie’s experience of ‘more abundance with less work.’
24.15 - Making the soul our ‘boss’ not the mind.
27.20 - Nathalie’s tips for stepping into heart-mind alignment.
29.30 - Make meaning out of your suffering and give back.
31.20 - Close.

Nathalie Kelly



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