Case study: Successful implementation of “The Elements of Business” Business Plan

business elements Jan 06, 2020

In 2013, Maggie O’Dea, founder of Inspired Life Project, used the approach she created (“The Elements of Business”) to develop a business plan and launch her body-care business, Devi Mukta. Maggie’s homeopathic self-care products give skin a beautiful luminescent sheath that is both a presentation of your light to the world and a barrier from harsh elements and toxins in the environment. Devi Mukta body-care products pamper your skin, which this is vital to holistic wellbeing.

Here is Maggie’s story of using “The Elements of Business” to launch her company and create her home based business as told in her own words:

Our soulful purpose fuels our dream and creates our vision. This is how we feel empowered to move forward and eventually put our vision into action. Having a clear vision allows you to outline a succinct and compelling business plan that moves from a big-picture plan to manageable short-term goals.

My dream was to create a body-care business. I have a background in natural health, and I love body-care products. I created something that was new to the US market – I incorporated flower essences into aromatherapy-based products to create an experience that treats the emotional and energetic bodies of our being.

I launched my business following the business plan template “The Elements of Business” which I created. This involved setting a 5-year goal then working backward to set a 3-year goal and a 1-year goal. Next, I wrote my initial 6-month action plan. My 5-year goal would be a stretch: Take my company international. Since Europe has a developed use of natural therapies, this would be an abundant market for my products.

I was based in Hawaii and quickly landed 10 inter-island accounts. I also had a base in northern California – and I needed more accounts to grow my business – so I made lots of sales calls to stores throughout northern California. Eventually, I landed 20 new accounts.

At this time, one of my closest friends had to move back to France while she waited for her Green Card. I had just started my business 6 months ago, but an exciting opportunity presented itself: An international trade show in Paris! I would have a contact in Europe who could translate my marketing materials into French. She could help with logistics and offer “boots on the ground” support.

I thought, “These pieces may never line up again.” And because I had already dreamed it and envisioned it – even though it was not logically my next step – I did it. Doing an international trade show was a 5-year goal, and the opportunity presented itself within 6 months of envisioning that goal. I had already committed to the goal, and I had the resources, so I thought, “If not now, when?”

I DID IT! I did my first trade show in PARIS!

So many miracles aligned to make it happen, and so many blessings came from it. I only had six weeks from the moment I committed to this trade show until the opening day to pull it off. It was a whirlwind! The trade show was a success – we sold products – but the real benefit was learning what it would take to get established in France.

Over the years, I’ve learned an incredible amount about the body-care industry in both the US and Europe. Now when I’m ready to scale my business to the next level, I know the exact steps I need to take. This daunting list includes things like product testing, having a contact in various countries, and maneuvering through each country’s legalities to verify that my products are safe for distribution there.

So, I have a mature vision for my business – and following “The Elements of Business” – I have a realistic plan to achieve that vision. Along the way, I know there will be setbacks and frustrations. These obstacles will actually help me fine-tune my business plan as I continue to move forward. In fact, obstacles help us enlist our inherent creativity to continually find a path forward.

Remember, our soulful purpose fuels our dream and our vision. It empowers us to keep moving forward and put our vision into action. Following “The Elements of Business” this process guides you to launch your passion-fueled business, leads to sustained growth, and ultimately brings success and fulfillment.

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-Maggie O'Dea


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