Episode 21 | Awakening Forgiveness | Anaiya Sophia

In Episode 21 of the Inspired Life Project Podcast Maggie interviews Anaiya Sophia. Is a Mystic, Storyteller, Soul Oracle & Author and in this episode, she shares how we can rise up to forgive and be forgiven.
.30 - Introduction and setting intentions for the session.
1.30 - Anaiya shares with us her work as she serves as a divine feminine and storyteller.
3.20 - How we can allow energies to flow through us.
4.10 - Noticing strong characteristics and traits within us.
5.30 - Using the courage of gods and goddesses to connect with spirit.
7.00 - Joan of Arc and her vision as a young woman and stepping into the two worlds.
8.10 - As our human selves we need to step into the qualities of spirit.
8.50 - Pattern interrupt and stepping into the deeper feeling of bliss and frequencies.
9.50 - Anaiya’s definition of forgiveness and the reverence of pain and trauma.
11.30 - Rather than being impatient in our sorrow we need to sit beside our pain.
13.40 - Keeping our emotions in the basement and the danger of not inviting our emotions to the table.
15.30 - There are places inside all of us who have never known love.
16.40 - Masculine and feminine love and the role each has to play in our journey to forgiveness.
19.00 - Anaiya shares with us her life lessons of forgiveness.
22. 50 - Until we are forced into the underworld, we don’t know our own strength.
23.40 - Self-respect, value and honouring yourself.
25.40 - Forgiving ourselves for all the interactions we get ourselves into.
27.10 - Anaiya gives us techniques and allies to cultivate forgiveness.
29.00 - The reverence of forgiveness.
30.40 - How forgiveness has widened and deepened Anaiya’s heart.
32.30 - More heart, more love and being available to love.
33.00 - Forgiving but not forgetting and the discernment involved so we can create healthy boundaries.
35.15 - Noting the mark of the past and acknowledging the hall of records.
36.30 - Close

Anaiya Sophia


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