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Maggie O’Dea is the founder of the Inspired Life Project. She is also a business mentor, entrepreneur, mother, and author. Maggie has over 20 years’ experience blending business and mindfulness – the Inspired Life Project shares these learnings, offering entrepreneurs practical tools for purposeful living. 

Following the success of her international body-care line - Devi Mukta – Maggie guides entrepreneurs to apply the same ancient teachings and modern wisdom that propelled her to prosperity.

Maggie is passionate about developing new ideas and helping other business owners achieve growth and realize their true potential. She established the Inspired Life Project as a platform and mentoring service to guide business owners through a process of self-discovery so they can turn their business goals into reality.

She has an MS degree in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health and a BA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophies of Healing from Naropa University. Maggie has been practicing yoga for over two decades and is a former Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher.

"What you seek is seeking you."

~ Rumi