A personal note from Maggie O’Dea …

“When you live a life in line with your passion, you are contributing the most powerful gift to humanity that you possibly can." 

I grew up in the oak woods of Iowa in some of only natural habitat left in the state, blessed to have the experience of communing with nature right outside my front door. Literally everyone knew each other in the neighborhood and there was a true sense of belonging. There were block parties, shared joy, shared sadness. I would walk the trails through the woods to my friends' homes, being as quiet as possible so as not to scare the deer who lived there, too.

But when I was 13, we moved away — to a planned community centered around a golf course! It was...just a little different. Instead of beautiful oak trees outside my window, there were streetlights. Instead of the sounds of the forest, there was an eerie silence. No one really knew each other — it was like each family was their own little "gated community," copying the larger structure of where they lived. It was all incredibly hard for me, and I didn't adjust well. 

Some of the families in this gated community were wealthy, hugely wealthy, and yet there was no happiness or peace or connection. Angry outbursts were not uncommon, and you could feel the energy of competition and hierarchy in the entire community. Then was when I first started seeing, very clearly, that wealth did not bring joy or fulfillment.

After three years, being in this kind of environment took its toll. I became depressed and my grades started falling. The social structure of our society didn't make sense to me anymore; I remember seeing a vagabond and thinking, “How we can have such an extremely wealthy society but not take care of our own people?” And so began my journey to reconcile the questions of my heart and discover what I could do to make a difference. 

Around this time, I discovered yoga. I was 16, and the first yoga studio had opened in Des Moines. Through their classes I started to feel the consciousness shift that contemplative practices can offer. I was hooked. I wanted to understand more—both in terms of spirituality and of the science behind it. 

When I was 18, I enrolled in Naropa University in Colorado. I liked the contemplative education but soon realized they didn’t integrate science, and so I found the Maharishi University of Management...in Iowa! So back I went, to learn the science that supports ancient theories of consciousness. 

With this under my belt, I returned to Naropa to complete my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Philosophies of Healing—and, later, to Clayton College of Natural Health for my MS in Natural Health. After that I headed west, landing in Humboldt County, California, home to the highest per capita number of artists of anywhere in the state.  

For the first time, everywhere I looked, I saw people creating lives that were pure extensions of their passion.

Humboldt was a revelation for me, a place that proved what all my education and training had already led me to believe: that if you live in a way that is an extension of your passion—instead of a dream imposed upon you through advertising—you can live a life that is simple, fulfilling, and rich in every possible way. 

I want to help everyone do this: create a life that supports us financially while being based in our own creative genius and in true healing for ourselves and for the planet. 

Throughout all my studies and travels, I always felt that if I could understand the principles of a healthy individual, I could apply these principles to the greater society in hopes of healing it. I've studied ancient philosophies, quantum physics, economic theory, and spiritual traditions from around the world. I've traveled extensively, challenging my own world view whenever possible. 

In my studies, I found a common thread among all ancient societies: a philosophical grounding in the theories of Elements. This theory of Elements is what informs the Inspired Life Project — and is what will show you how to turn your passion into a thriving business 

The Inspired Life Project is birthed from science, spirituality, and a deep belief that by showing up for life and sharing our passion with the world, we not only live a more fulfilling life for ourselves — we also become a model for how others can do the same.  

And the more of us showing up this way, the more abundant our own lives become!

Every offering in the Inspired Life Project is based on my own personal business experience and will help YOU transform your passion into a successful business!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 15 years and learned how to create a viable business in a wide variety of fields. Most recently, I founded a successful international body-care products business to test my own Elements of Business system and make sure it was as powerful as possible (It is! You can read the case study here!). Now I want to help YOU harness your own specific creative genius and turn your passion into a thriving business.


Are you ready to start (or grow) your soul-based business?

Whether your creative genius is art, baking, clothing design, gardening, massage therapy, music, teaching yoga, writing, or anything else – now is the time! 

  • The Elements of Business course will guide you through successfully launching and growing your business by following a system based on the 5 elements of Chinese medicine, with personal feedback from me along the way. 
  • If your days feel lost in overwhelm, or if you know you can be more productive but aren't sure how, try the Non-Linear Time Management  program. This will give you a step-by-step system to get things done in a way that is intuitive yet grounded.
  • My book, A New Evolution: An Inclusive Economic System for an Abundant Planet, will be out in late 2020. Sign up for pre-order details!

Maggie O’Dea’s background

  • MS degree in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health.
  • BA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophies of Healing from Naropa University.
  • Over 20 years’ experience studying mindfulness and healing, including Ayurveda, homeopathy, Western herbal medicine, Pleiadean light work, yogic philosophy, and Taoism. Maggie has been practicing yoga for over two decades and is a former Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher.
  • Creator and founder of Devi Mukta, an international body-care business.
  • Long-time Real Estate Developer and project manager, experienced in all aspects of these businesses.

"I am very grateful that Maggie O’Dea has taken the time to steer my foresight toward practical application and goal setting, both short-term and long-term. Her “Elements of Business” course is the type of conscious business model that I desire to apply to my company. I am a spiritual practitioner, so it’s important that my foundation be infused with the essence of consciousness. "

– Chloe Hudson, Intuitive Soul Therapy

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