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Stay out of overwhelm and get more done by using the cycles of nature to plan your days.

As a creative entrepreneur, you wear a lot of hats (maybe literally, if you're a fashion designer). On any given day there might be a webpage to design or write, which is marketing; clients to talk to, which is sales; or invoicing to be done, which is, of course, accounting. Throughout the frenetic day, you interrupt yourself. You start one task without finishing the other. You feel like you’re spinning out of control.  

This daily mash-up is exhausting!

Seriously, who has the energy to take on SO MANY different tasks in one day? When you “close shop” at the end of the day, you don’t feel relaxed and fulfilled. You feel frustrated and frazzled. And you barely have time to actually do the thing you love, the passion that made you go into this business in the first place!


For a lot of us, mainstream time management techniques don't work.

This isn't because we're not practical enough or don't understand them—and it's certainly not because we don't work hard enough! Rather, standard time management techniques don't work for us because we think differently! Our minds like to move in circles, to feel our way into things—maybe even to create from a state of chaos.


You don't need to change who you are—in fact, please don't! You simply need a time management system that works the way you think: in cycles and flow and bursts of creativity.

Introducing the Non-Linear Time Management Course, made for soul-based entrepreneurs like you.

The Non-Linear Time Management Course is a system of time management based on the natural and celestial worlds, not on rigid structure. 

Inspired Life's Non-Linear Time Management Course grounds you in a natural rhythm that lets each task and job unfurl in a non-hurried, easeful way...while still getting done efficiently and without overwhelm. This method helps you prioritize every task and every project — and then accomplish them exactly when they need to be done.

With The Non-Linear Time Management Mini Course, you will get:

  • Confidence and a sense of ease because of better planning and prioritization.
  • A clear understand of what do next. Plus, you will actually see progress and meet your deadlines!
  • A way to pace out your week so you are more efficient and effective.
  • That feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day, instead of feeling like you need to do more.
  • A way out of energy-zapping frazzle and frustration.
    More focus and creative energy!

The Non-Linear Time Management Mini Course includes:

  • A workbook that walks you through each of the 4 modules, so you can integrate this system as you go.
  • A Vision Worksheet that allows you to ground your daily tasks in your long-term vision.
  • A Project Planning worksheet you can use over and over, letting you have a visual component to the cyclical way of thinking that guides this system.
  • Weekly planning pages so you always know what you need to be working on in any given day.
  • Guided Meditation to create a long term vision for your dreams!

Investment: $49