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Hello Magnificent Soul,

You know those dreams and aspirations that wake you in the early morning? I call those soul-callings, the voice of your passion and genius. 

They are there for a reason, and you have the power to make these dreams and visions a here-and-now, present-day reality - one that supports you financially and spiritually.

You were created to unleash your full potential in this lifetime. My mission is to help you discover your purpose and design a business that is prosperous, profitable, and aligned with your passion. 

In this community, we believe in our individual creative genius - the gifts and aptitudes that are unique and innate within us. Let me guide you to embrace your destiny and build the business of your dreams using a proven system founded on ancient wisdom. 

I’m Maggie O’Dea, founder of the Inspired Life Project. I hope you will let me be your guide to a miraculous existence rooted in your passion. I am delighted you are here!  

With deep Gratitude,

To be inspired is to live with enthusiasm and imagination. To me, the inspired life is one that is purposeful, creative, and abundant.

I believe that purpose and prosperity go hand-in-hand and that our wildest dreams are not only possible – they are exactly the direction we are being guided to take.

Each of us is born with a unique set of talents and passions that align with the specific purpose we are meant to live out and contribute. When we harness our inner power and align with our passions, we can achieve career success beyond what we ever thought possible.

Hi! I’m Maggie - business mentor, entrepreneur, mom, author, and founder of the Inspired Life Project. I have seen first-hand the power entrepreneurs and business owners have in creating success beyond what they ever dreamed possible.

After designing my own successful body-care company – Devi Mukta - using the principles of Elemental Theory, I started sharing my formula with others. The results were always extraodrinary – when we create a business that is aligned with our passion and we support them with the clarity of systems and structures that allow for maximum profit – prosperity is infinite!

The Inspired Life Project was created to share this formula - and the resources I have developed to support my own success - with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business owners. I know that by taking our Elements of Business Course or joining me for one-on-one coaching, that you will uncover your inner power and turn your vision into reality.

Because the truth is: business doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming and it is possible to sustain both your inspiration and have maximum profits. To do this, you need a creative strategy you can adapt to the needs of your business as it grows.

The Inspired Life Project supports entrepreneurs with a strategy to enhance creativity and wealth throughout each evolution of your business. We do this by guiding you to overcome fears of failure and supporting you to develop a clear vision, effective systems, and actionable goals.

Our systems follow the same elemental principles that nature uses to manifest growth & new life. In business, these 5 elements are expressed as Purpose, Plan, Performance, Promotion, and Profit.

Whether you’re overwhelmed by the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business, lacking a true strategy to grow, or finding that you have lost the spark for what you once loved, we can help. 

Now’s the time to realize your true potential and the live the life you are destined to live!