Hello Magnificent Soul,

    You know those dreams and aspirations that wake you in the early morning?  I call those soul-callings, the voice of your passion and genius. They are there for a reason, and you have the power to make these dreams and visions into a here-and-now, present day reality, one that supports you financially as well as spiritually. You were created to unleash your full potential in this lifetime, and it’s my mission to give you the wings you need to take flight on this new endeavor.  

    In this community we believe in our own genius, the gifts and aptitudes that are unique and innate within us. Let me be your guide in how to exuberantly embrace your future and build the business of your dreams using a co-creative process founded in ancient wisdom. 

    I’m Maggie O’Dea, founder of Inspired Life Project, and I hope you will let me be your ambassador to a miraculous existence rooted in your passion. I am delighted you are here!  

With deep Gratitude,

Free Guided Breathing
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Create or Grow Your Soul-Fueled Business With Ease!

This modern, soul-based system for transforming your passion into a profitable business uses the 5 Elements of Chinese and Taoist philosophy to guide the spirit-led entrepreneur to a successful thriving business with ease. Full business plan directions included!


Move through your workdays without overwhelm when you use this daily planning system designed specifically for the soul-based entrepreneur. Learn how to work with the biorhythms of nature to create an easy, supported flow for your day-to-day business tasks. Get more done with a greater sense of ease, every day!


"Maggie O’Dea’s diamond-like mind and spiritual wisdom will forever be the epitome of the standard I hold of the profoundly conscious being."

– Kareen Van Swearingen

"“Thank you, Maggie, for your wisdom, insight and intuitive guidance. I know that as we continue to collaborate I will receive more benefit from your expertise.” "

– Chloe Hudson, Intuitive Soul Therapy

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